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I’m curious, have you been feeling any resistance when you start thinking about what you want to make happen in your life this year?  It makes total sense if it does. Because taking action involves change and well, success is never a given. We’ve spent the better part of the past 3 years facing unexpected […]

Choose excitement over fear


The new year is now in full swing! When we think about what we want to create for ourselves, setting goals is the best way to start. Goals setting is not always easy but in order to make the changes we want in our lives, it takes a clear, desired intention to get a goal […]

Easy tips for setting goals


So, what exactly does designing your life mean? When people hear me say the word design, they think I’m referring to some exercise in tearing everything down to build it back up again. But I don’t meant that at all. Designing your life is simply an exercise in making those subtle and sometimes not so […]

How to design your life

Life Design

It seems so basic to choose relationships that are positive and supportive but we sometimes don’t realize until things go sideways, just how important it is to know upfront what we expect and what we are willing to contribute to make them successful. The topic of relationship comes up a lot when we think of […]

Relationships and change


It’s time to start planning for 2023 and the Day by Daybook is the unique planner and journal in one, that puts your well-being ahead of productivity.   As this global pandemic continues to be a part of our lives, our mental health is critical and now more than ever, we need to have an outlet to express […]

Your essential planner for 2023


In times of change, we dig a little deeper to find the inner strength we need to get through the ups and downs. It often takes us by surprise because we haven’t recognized it in ourselves before. Especially when facing a challenge, there is an inner power that shows up and reminds you what you’re […]

Courage in times of change


Everything starts in your mind. Thoughts creates feelings, feelings create actions, and actions create the outcomes in your life. You can actually change the course of events by changing how you think. So, if you want to live a life of joy and positivity, stop judging yourself and others. Manifest the life you desire by […]

The power of your mind


When faced with difficult decisions, support is essential. When I find myself lost and looking for direction, I seek others guidance. Asking for help is part of my journey and I’m grateful for the perspective it brings. I’ve also found that more often than not, the answers come when I follow my heart. As I quiet my mind, I’m more open and willing to tap my intuition […]

Be your own guide


Returning to work has been well under since last summer and companies continue to face the challenges of this new way of working. With that said, whether companies imposed a mandatory full time return or a hybrid model, their decisions have been met with resistance, especially from those who have grown used to their perception […]

Happy returns to the office


Well, let’s just say over these past few years, change has become the new norm. The minute we adjust to something new, another shift comes our way and it’s time to do it all over again. When these shifts happen, we can feel uncomfortable and thrown off our game. Since it’s human nature to avoid […]

Feelings as your teachers