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Create your personal formula for success. 

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Identify patterns
and pain points. 

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Track you daily
mood and energy.

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A quick and simple way to
stay well in times of change.

The Method

A simple tool to support your health as you navigate any life change or transition. Prompting you to set goals, track progress recognize milestones and celebrate wins along the way. 

Transformational Wellness Tool

A unique system that tracks your mood and mindset so you can recognize patterns and manage your daily well being. Helping you find the formula that works best for you.

Mood and energy booster

Daily guidance to overcome the challenges of anything life throws your way. 

Daily Companion

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We are continuing to expand our reach and impact on Teen's mental health and well being.

We would love your support in raising awareness of the Teen Day by Daybook - the customizable planner that helps teens overcome anxiety through self expression. If you represent a school or organization that would like to introduce the  Day by Daybook to teens in your area, please reach out and let's connect!

We are passionate about offering an alternative to the scroll - for even a few minutes a day - by helping teens take ownership of their daily well being. Putting an end to the comparison game and encouraging individual self awareness and creativity. 

 Helping teens overcome anxiety
through self expression

Teen Day by Daybook

Join Us! 

"My niece loves her Daybook, she calls it her ‘day by day boo’. Makes me happy."


"I love the Daybook! As a student, It keeps me on top of my work and helps me stay organized. It's such a great reflective tool and my goals feel so much easier to complete. This book is AMAZING!"


"I purchased this for my daughter. She absolutely loves it and is journaling daily!"

– Maryann

Feelings can be tricky. We all have ‘em but for a teen, it can be really hard to get a handle on what’s going on inside.

The Teen Daybook is the perfect companion to jot down thoughts and emotions as they come up with prompts to speak up and ask for support from mentors and friends when needed.

This is the perfect guide for teens to explore and express feelings in a productive way. Providing a safe space to overcome the daily chaos and find inner calm.

Being a teen isn't easy. 

"On my 6th of these journals at this point, they're perfect! I have oodles of journals and notebooks I've purchased with the best of intentions over the years, but these ones are *the only* ones that finally helped me make journaling a daily habit I really enjoy."

- Jessica

"The Daybook was everything I anticipated and more. Simply put. I'm looking forward and that means a lot. I got this."


"I absolutely love the Daybook as a simple and engaging way for me to set goals and track progress. Being able to see how mood, actions and diet are so interrelated has made it an invaluable self-awareness tool." 


Choosing to change something about yourself or your life can feel a little like standing at the bottom of a mountain and looking straight up at the tippy top.

That's when its your choice. When faced with it unexpectedly, let's just take that feeling of fear and intimidation and times it by 100!

The Classic Daybook offers you a simple way to boost your energy, increase your confidence and support your well being when you need it most. 

Change can be a challenge. 

"The Day By Daybook is everything I needed but didn't have when I got sober five years ago. It feels like a good friend that is two steps in front of me holding my hand on my road in recovery."

- Lori

"Getting sober is the hardest decision I ever made. This beautiful book helps me gain clarity on that decision daily and keeps me moving forward."

- JC

"I absolutely love the Daybook. Being able to see how mood and actions are so interrelated has made it an invaluable self-awareness tool. It has definitely helped me play a more proactive role in my recovery."


Regardless of how or why you got here, living a sober life can often feel overwhelming. Turning your sense of security upside down and shifting the ground beneath your feet. 

The Recovery Daybook system helps you bring your mind and body into balance so you can concentrate on what's important. Building a life free from the trappings of unhealthy behavior and living your life to its fullest.

Sobriety has its ups and downs. 

Any life change can be a challenge. Join our community and receive weekly inspiration and guidance to navigate change like a pro! 

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