12 years ago, I was on the fast track in my corporate career, working long hours and experiencing daily anxiety. I had been drinking nightly to cope with the stress of it all and I found myself at a critical crossroads. My health was declining and I had to make a choice between living a life of addiction and avoidance or taking a leap of faith and stepping into an entirely new way of living.  I chose the later. I started my sober journey and never looked back.

This decision required me to dig deep, take accountability and start living more honestly so I could show up with greater courage in all areas of my life. The path was not easy, but it gave me a whole new sense of awareness and purpose that I never knew was possible. 

I work with you to overcome the challenges of change because I know first hand the power of overcoming the fear of the unknown and embracing life with greater strength, curiosity and courage.

All it takes is an open mind and the will to make it happen. 

I've had my own experience with ground shifting change. 

Leadership coach and change management consultant who spent many years partnering with leaders and innovators within the fast paced environments of Apple and Sony to help them increase their influence and success. 

Certified integrative health counselor, life and addiction recovery coach whose work always incorporates wellness strategies to overcome stress and overwhelm.

Author of Day by Daybook®, A Transformational Tool for Change and The Sober Leap, Practical Wisdom to Create an Amazing Life Beyond Addiction.

Creator of Sober Moxie, an online community that provides thousands of women with support, guidance and inspiration to live bigger, bolder lives in sobriety.

Host of Journeys Through Change (formerly Go Go Bistro), a podcast that inspires women ready for change to take action and live a life they love. 

Avid writer and reader who loves spending time with friends, family and my sweet pup Georgie. 

On paper. 


“Noelle approaches her work with practical wisdom, simple solutions, an open heart and humor. She is truly a master at her craft. 

The progress I have made with her support is unparalleled and has brought me to new heights in my career and personal life that I’d never thought possible. For those who want more from their life, there is no better coach than Noelle.”


"Noelle is an exceptional coach. Her compassionate wisdom and business acumen make her a rare blend of mentor and guide to success.

Her current books and programs also offer an inspired, optimistic and proven path to recovery. No matter your addiction to alcohol, food, or just plain overwork. She is the new voice of modern recovery."

-Susan G.

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