Coaching in Times of Transition and Change 


“Growth happens on the other side of change.”


Change is inevitable. 

Sometimes we don’t realize it’s even happening until we start to feel a shift from within us that grabs our attention. Other times it’s brought on by circumstances beyond our control and takes us by surprise – leaving us feeling out of control and at the mercy of outside forces.

Big or small, it's inevitable and a successful transition from your current state to a new one depends solely upon the amount of support you get to weather the storm from the start.

When change happens, it can often be difficult to recognize.

That’s when its time to ask yourself a few simple questions:

Am I ...

  • Experiencing a shift in my personal or professional life?

  • Feeling lost or uncertain in my current situation?

  • Picking a path that fulfills my wants and needs or one that meets others expectations?

  • Relying on unhealthy habits to cope with the stress of this change?

Your answers to these questions will help you see where you fall on the continuum of change. Once you have a sense of where you are, you can begin to take the steps toward where you want to be.

When it's Personal. 

I think it goes without saying that personal change is unavoidable. 

I've had many changes in my life and over 10 years ago, I had to make a pivotal lifestyle change that required overcoming addictive behavior and establishing a healthier way of approaching all aspects of my life.

After tearing it all down and building it back up again, I can tell you, the answer may have seemed simple, but the journey was far from easy.

Once you see what change looks like for you, whether it’s welcomed or not, the steps you take from this point forward will be pivotal in determining how successful your experience will be moving forward.

With that said, the first step is acknowledgement and the second is taking action. 

When it's Professional. 

True leadership and presence is not acheived by simply doing. It comes from within. 

In my years of experience as a business partner and executive coach, I've worked with countless leaders, managers and individual contributors who want to either show up differently for themselves and their teams or get to that next level in their careers.

Whether you're taking on a new role, embarking on a new career, or simply interested in making a greater impact in your business, this requires introspection and the willingness to try new ways of approaching how you view yourself, your work, and your relationships.

I'm here to help you examine the thoughts and behaviors that are a part of this process so you can build the foundation needed to move through this change with greater calm, confidence and success.


Take on Change with Ease and Grace

“Noelle approaches her work with practical wisdom, simple solutions, an open heart and humor. The progress I have made with her support is unparalleled and has brought me to new heights in my career and personal life that I’d never thought possible. She is truly a master at her craft. For those who want more from their life, there is no better coach than Noelle.”

- Sue

"Noelle is an exceptional leadership coach. Her compassionate wisdom and business acumen make her a rare blend of mentor and guide to success. Her current books and programs also offer an inspired, optimistic and proven path to recovery. No matter your addiction to alcohol, food, or just plain overwork. She is the new voice of modern recovery."

- Susan


Harness Your Personal Power

These foundational principles are the key to gaining more clarity and courage during any life change.