Choose excitement over fear


January 23, 2023

I’m curious, have you been feeling any resistance when you start thinking about what you want to make happen in your life this year? 

It makes total sense if it does. Because taking action involves change and well, success is never a given. We’ve spent the better part of the past 3 years facing unexpected change all around us, so it’s no wonder that the last thing we want to do is create even more uncertainty in our lives. 

Even when it’s something we know in our heart will ultimately be for our benefit and the outcome will likely be a positive one, that pang of fear can still exist when we decide to embark on something new.    

One of my intentions for 2023 is to shift my perspective and take action on some things I’ve been avoiding for a long time and since that involves…yes… you guessed it – change – I know it’s going to stir up a bunch of fear along the way.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable has become quite the cliche these days but I find myself really seeing the power in making this my goal. Because I know procrastination has been holding me back, it’s clear that moving forward is my only option.  

So, as you move into the new year, I invite you to join me in rethinking how you view change and the fear that goes along with it. Are you ready to get a little uncomfortable in order to reap the reward of something even better? It just might be worth it.

They say that energetically our bodies can’t tell the difference between fear and excitement so it really comes down to a choice.  

I choose excitement.  

How about you?

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