Easy tips for setting goals


January 16, 2023

The new year is now in full swing! When we think about what we want to create for ourselves, setting goals is the best way to start. Goals setting is not always easy but in order to make the changes we want in our lives, it takes a clear, desired intention to get a goal off the ground. So, to help you get the ball rolling, here are a few simple tips to start thinking about what you want to see happen in 2023:

1. What Areas of Your Life Need a Tweak or Two?

When you think about areas of potential growth within your life, I am sure a few come to mind. Are there some that need more balance? You may find that you need a small change in a certain area or a complete overhaul in another. You may have more to add, but the following is a list of these areas to keep in mind when goal setting:

  • Relationship
  • Community
  • Finance
  • Creativity
  • Health and Wellness
  • Career
  • Personal Development

2. What Do You Enjoy?

This is a great way to start thinking about areas in your life where setting a goal would be beneficial. This not only offers you the opportunity to create action plans around the activities that bring you joy, but it also allows you to take the time to think about what you want to do more of in life.

3. What Do You Want?

What fills your life with purpose and excitement? Deep down, your heart and ultimately your gut will tell you what feels right. You just need to start listening.

Do you want more balance in your life? If so, what would it take to feel that? Maybe it’s a shift in your energy toward community and making a difference or simply taking time out for yourself to regroup and recharge. Knowing this is your goal, you can start seeking out opportunities to become more balanced and present.

4. What Do You NOT Want?

Although focusing on these things for too long is not recommended from a visualization standpoint, it is important to understand what it is that you DON’T want to attract into your life in order to make your goals come alive.

Whether it’s stress, debt, unhealthy habits, unsupportive relationships or anything else that triggers us in a negative way, we go back to the gut check. Best to consciously recognize these and use them to provide you with further clarity when determining your next goal.

5. What is Realistic?

When setting goals it can be tempting to get excited about making a big change. When we do this, we must not lose sight of context.

As an example, I love to be around children. However, if I were to decide to set a goal of running a daycare center, although the idea sounds wonderful, the responsibility and time that would entail would absolutely bring me to my knees. It would ultimately not be a realistic undertaking for me.

Therefore, I may reframe my goal to start volunteering at a children’s hospital. This would allow me to contribute in a more energetic and positive way. Being honest with ourselves about our limitations can help us determine goals that are achievable.

Goal setting is an art not a science. You can always revise goals as you go. There are no rules. So, go ahead. Think of this as an exercise in designing a life you love.  Take a shot at setting a few goals that light you up. See how it feels.

Taking the time to recognize what makes you tick as well as what doesn’t, helps you to recognize your strengths and build on them as you move closer to your life’s intentions.

So, give it a go and remember, there are no ‘right’ answers –  so feel free to have fun with it!

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