New name, same podcast


August 13, 2023

BIG NEWS!!! Go Go Bistro is returning on Sept 19th with a new name:  Journey’s Through Change.

For some context, the name Go Go Bistro was initially chosen because I’ve had some of the most pivotal conversations of my life with friends or family over coffee or a meal tucked away in corners of some of my favorite little bistros and diners.

Gabbing about shaking things up or embarking on something new and exciting in our lives can make time stand still and holding that space for one another is simply priceless.  So the idea of creating that kind of atmosphere for the podcast just felt right.

UNTIL…..I realized that picking a name that has special meaning to ME doesn’t necessarily translate out there in search world. And let’s face it my ultimate goal is to make this podcast as easy as possible to find for women who need it most!

It kind of defeats the purpose of spreading the inspiration and shared experience of these incredible women – if its hidden away in the shadows.. Lesson learned!

Now, I admit, the minute I realized this CHANGE had to happen, panic immediately surfaced and the first thing I thought of was OH MY GOD! NO ONE is going to be able to find us and all of the momentum we’ve  built so far is going to instantly disappear!

Like clockwork, feelings of fear, insecurity and doubt came up – AND – I promptly thanked them for doing their job and decided that come what may….we needed to do it anyway.

Because I know that in order to create something more impactful in my life requires one thing, the courage to take a risk and to let the universe do what it does best – support my highest good.

Journey’s Through Change feels right and I love that it highlights the stories of the amazing women we feature and also honors the current and future journeys you may be embarking upon along the way.

So please, oh please spread the word to anyone you know about Journey’s Through Change (formerly known as Go Go Bistro) and help us continue to motivate all of these amazing women around us to step into a life they have always wanted.

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