Own your power


August 2, 2023

I’ll soon be sharing some highlights on the podcast of my …shall we say *interesting* experience moving across the country this past month along with the lessons I learned  – and believe me, there were many! 

In the meantime, I wanted to share an insight that I found really helpful when addressing the feelings of fear and doubt  that came up for me many times along the way.

When faced with a setback especially when it comes out of the blue, always remember that what happens to you in your life is always, without question…yours to own. 

Now I know “own” is a strong word and many of you may think “no way am I owning something that I didn’t cause”, especially if it’s something we feel was beyond our control, but I am telling you its the only way to embrace the power within you that will carry you through any obstacle in your life. 

Whether it’s overcoming a small hurdle, solving a big problem or simply taking steps to move forward in the face of uncertainty – the decision is always yours to believe in the power you have to address anything in front of you and take action. Regardless of how it came to be. Always.

This simple belief lets the universe know you are in control of anything it throws your way.

Think about this as you face any challenge this week. What are you leaving to others to address? What can you do to take action especially when faced with something you didn’t expect to happen?

Believing in yourself and the power you have to solve anything that comes your way, is where your true power lies. 

For more information on how I can help support you through any life change, go to https://noellevan.com/work-with-me and let’s connect.

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