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Identify mentors or others to support you in times of need

Explore feelings that may feel scary or unfamiliar

Access and express emotion in a healthy way

Experiencing challenges at school

Feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed

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A child of divorce or facing other family issues

"I love the Daybook! As a student, It keeps me on top of my work and helps me stay organized. It's such a great reflective tool and my goals feel so much easier to complete. This book is AMAZING."

— ally



Helping teens express emotion in a healthy way.

Feelings can be tricky. We all have ‘em, but for a teen, it can be really hard to get a handle on what’s going on inside.

The Teen Daybook is a trusted companion, to throw in a backpack and jot down thoughts and emotions as they come up - with room for journaling and prompts to speak up and ask for support from mentors and friends when needed.

The perfect guide to explore and express feelings in a productive way. Providing a safe space for your teen to overcome the daily chaos and find their inner calm.

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