Using your personal power


February 12, 2023

Personal power comes from knowing deep within your soul that you are in control of the outcomes you create in your life. If owning that power is important to you, your philosophy may go something like this:

Authenticity is your top priority. You have overcome self-doubt by recognizing your strengths, accepting your imperfections and embracing all that you are. You unapologetically show up as your full self, every day.

Consistent Self Care is not just a goal, it’s a daily practice. You make the time to nurture your body, mind and soul. This brings energy and balance into everything you do.

You believe in Conscious Living. You no longer engage in self-sabotaging thoughts or behavior. Even in the face of overwhelming stress you know the toxicity they create in your life and choose healthy and positive alternatives.

You believe in relentless Honesty. You attract abundance in your life by letting go of others expectations. You let them walk their path and follow your own heart and intuition.

You have the Courage to speak your truth and either ask for what you need or take the action necessary to obtain it on your own. Regardless of who is involved. You no longer let others intimidate you or dictate your outcomes.

You feel energized by your work and you Know Your Worth. No one needs to grant you permission to be here.

You love to share your expertise and you Create Your Own Success on your own terms. You only take action that aligns with your beliefs. values and aspirations.

You attract and maintain Healthy Relationships that support your growth and let go of those that no longer support your emotional well-being.

Embracing these concepts and putting them into practice consistently can be challenging but well worth the effort – guiding you to become stronger, bolder and more powerful every day.

Think about how personal power shows up in your life and ask yourself what you can do to use it to improve upon or change your life for the better.

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