Avoiding the safety zone


February 19, 2023

Do you ever hear the voice of your mother or father whispering in your ear when you’re about to embark on something risky or daring?

It’s pretty common. We often hear the voices of those we sought guidance from in our childhood when it’s time to make big or important decisions in our lives. 

The bad news is, listening to these voices can limit you from taking those leaps that are necessary for you to grow and move forward in your life.  

As you contemplate change in your life, learn to relay on your own intuition and ignore the echoes of those voices from the past. Especially when you decide to make a change that you feel in your heart makes sense to you.  They are merely someone else’s perception of how life works, not yours. 

Here are 4 easy steps to take when those voices from the past surface: 

1. Take a breath and acknowledge that this is a message that’s coming from the past. 

2. Ask yourself – is that really true? We often hear past messages that were conservative for a reason, to keep us safe. Question their validity and how they apply to your current adult life.

3. Listen to your gut. There is no better guide than your own intuition. Do what feels right for you in this moment. 

4. Take action. Until you do, you will never learn the lessons you are meant to learn by taking the steps needed to grow. 

Always remember, life is about choice. 

You get to choose how you want to experience it. Every day.

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