Feeling your best


March 6, 2023

When making a change that involves any kind of courage or self-confidence to see it through, there is nothing more important than maintaining a positive mindset.

Since starting my own business, I’ve made it my number one goal every day to keep my mood and energy high and do whatever it takes to make sure I feel my best.

I do this because I know if I don’t, I’ll quickly lose sight of my goals. The minute I start judging myself or comparing myself to others, it’s a guarantee that my productivity will quickly plummet, I won’t make that phone call, or I will get lazy and the day will be lost.

If you want to show up every day with energy and motivation, here are 5 ways to take anything on with more gusto and positivity:

1. Ban the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary. There is no rule book when it comes to making change happen so it’s time to stop beating yourself up and do what you feel makes sense for you.

2. Get enough sleep. This is something I continue to work on but depriving yourself of sleep is an energy killer and can create brain fog that lasts all day. Early to bed makes the next day so much more productive.

3. Stop worrying about the future. Believe in your heart that the universe is here to support your success. It will take as long as it takes. Patience is key.

4. Accept imperfection. For those of us who are of the Type A variety, this takes practice. Just remember, done is better than perfect AND everyone struggles with this so you are not alone.

5. Push past the fear and do it anyway. Take action every day. The scary stuff is the good stuff. Even if it’s baby steps – take at least one step a day to get closer to your goal. It is critical in moving the needle and creating the life you want.

Although committing to these practices takes effort, once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be ready to take on anything you set out to accomplish.

For more information on how you can move through transition with ease and grace, go to https://noellevan.com/work-with-me to learn more about my coaching programs.

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