What do you want?


March 12, 2023

Change often gets a bad rap. To some even the thought of making a change can feel overwhelming but it’s important to know that not all change needs to be dramatic.

It can be as simple as a shift in perception or a different approach to a conversation with a friend or loved one – altering your morning routine or your daily exercise. It can be super small or more profound, the choice is totally up to you.

It’s all about listening to those little whispers or subtle signs you see that push you to look at your life in terms of what you DESIRE versus what simply is. In those moments, change can be exactly what you need to move your life forward. 

Desire is an interesting feeling and one that often gets overlooked. That’s why the number one question I ask my clients is “what do you want?”

I know this can feel like an intimidating question but it’s so important because the answer grants you permission to think about your life in a bigger way.

Now I can honestly tell you the first time I was asked this, I think I actually laughed. I am embarrassed to say that I felt like it was a trick question. Like most people, I was not brought up to think about life in terms of “what do I want?”

In fact, the subtle messaging I heard growing up went more like “don’t get too full of yourself” or “work hard and good things will come” – you know, the standard!

These messages were all sent with good intention but in keeping us “humble” they also kept us playing small and often limiting our belief in what we can create in our lives.

Until we see there is even a possibility of us getting what we desire, we will not likely entertain the question.  So I invite you to let go of the old programming and start believing in possibility.

Once this happens, you can view the areas of your life; career, relationships, health, etc.. and honestly ask yourself where you want them to be.  

In other words….WHAT DO YOU WANT?  

and give yourself the grace to answer it honestly.

For more on how you can step into change with more courage and curiosity, go to https://noellevan.com/work-with-me or email me at noelle@noellevan.com

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