Lessons in loss


March 26, 2023

My dogs have taught me a lot over the years, but the past few weeks have shown me more than I ever expected.

My sweet pup Charlie was diagnosed with cancer earlier this month and within three weeks he was gone. His decline was fast but through the pain and fear of losing him, I knew his time had come and he is now at peace.

Charlie was the oldest of my two pups and let’s just say. he kept all the trains running on time. His little paw tapping me on the shoulder at 6am was our daily alarm clock. Making his way into the bedroom at night was his signal for lights out and deviation from the schedule was often non-negotiable. He had a plan and we were expected to stick to it.

Georgie is 4 and has the smarts of a poodle but has never been one to follow the rules.

He is always a bit disheveled and reluctantly took to the guidance and discipline that Charlie was more than willing to dole out. Although true opposites, they complimented each other well and since the very beginning, they’ve been inseparable.

It breaks my heart to watch Georgie as he seeks out the corners of the house where they used to play, looking for his best friend. His eyes reflect my own deep longing for the familiar presence of that sweet soul I hoped would be with me forever.

Loss is change that touches the deepest part of us. It’s difficult and sad and heart wrenching but it teaches us to expand our capacity to love and find the strength to carry on for the sake of those we know must move on as well as those they’ve left behind.  

I am beyond grateful for the precious time I had with my sweet Charlie and all of the lessons he taught me during our time together.

I know that grief takes time, but I have faith in the power our animals have to help us heal and know that Georgie and I will get through this supporting each other every step of the way.

With the help of our very special angel watching over us with unconditional love and a reluctant understanding on those days we have the audacity to sleep in til 7.

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