We hide because… we were always told to be polite, discreet and to never get too full of ourselves. we learned to be humble at all costs. we are unhappy, anxious or angry and we don’t want to reveal this to others. we want to be living a different life. we feel lonely or depressed. […]

Why we hide

Life Design

We strive to do and be our best. We all reach. Even push our own limits from time to time. So, what would it be like to achieve your personal best every day? What would it look like? Where would it show up? What if you made it happen in all areas of your life? […]

Personal Best

Life Design

So, what exactly does designing your life mean? When people hear me say the word design, they think I’m referring to some exercise in tearing everything down to build it back up again. But I don’t meant that at all. Designing your life is simply an exercise in making those subtle and sometimes not so […]

How to design your life

Life Design