Finding the power within


November 16, 2022

We often strive to show love and compassion toward others, but often neglect ourselves in the process. With all of our past experiences, we’ve simply become hard wired to cast doubt on our own capabilities and neglect our own needs. Time and again, we find ways to undermine our own progress.

The sad truth is, you don’t always get served what you ordered in life and even when you do, the end result can sometimes fail to meet your expectations. This is how belief in your own capabilities begins to weaken.

So, it’s time to start turning that thinking around. Take time to jot down thoughts in your Daybook journal pages and daily check-ins and really question the assumptions you are making about your own strength and the opportunities that lie ahead.

During any life transition, doubt tends to creep in when we least expect it and stays there – until we wiggle loose our negative thinking and push past the fear.  

It’s a new year ahead and time to find your faith in the power you have within you.

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