Overcoming the fear of change


April 28, 2023

When we entertain the idea of making a change of any kind in our lives, our sense of safety is immediately tested and is bound to trigger a feeling of fear.

It’s important to know that fear can be disguised as many different things: resistance, procrastination, uncertainty, impatience, anxiety and sometimes even anger. So often times we’re not even consciously aware that we’re experiencing fear in the first place. The following are 4 typical fears that may come up for you when you’re on the brink of change:


Failure has different meanings to each of us and it can decrease your motivation to take on a risk of changing something in your life that you don’t “know” is going to be a sure thing or successful.

That’s why it is important to stay focused on your objective and remain open to the outcome, whatever it looks like, knowing it will serve your higher good. This puts your drive for something better ABOVE your fear of failure.

Where to Start:

This fear often shows up as confusion or feeling lost. It often happens when we’re so steeped in our situation or state, that we become overwhelmed and feel like we’ve suddenly lost all sense of direction.

When this happens it’s important to look within and get quiet. Listen to your own intuition. What’s it telling you? It can also help to seek support from others. Often their perspective can wiggle loose the doubt and move you into action. Sometimes all it takes is the first step to open you up to the new path ahead.

The Unknown.

It’s human nature to cling to the comfortable and predictable but we often forget that just because something is familiar doesn’t always mean it’s safe, secure or even healthy.

As we know, uncertainty is inevitable. With any step out of the norm, there is risk. It really comes down to knowing this and trusting the outcome is going to support your well-being moving forward.

Judgement from Others:

I am SO very familiar with this one. I feel like it’s the root of all resistance in our lives. Our constant need to please and seek approval from others. A habit many of us have had since childhood.

The more we get out of our own way and accept that our life is ours to live, the less likely this will be a road block for you.  It takes time and practice to overcome insecurity and to finally put your well-being above anyone’s idea of how you should live your life.

Knowing these fears are bound to surface whenever you decide to make a change, its best to be aware of them and look for ways to cut them off at the pass so you can concentrate on what’s important when the time comes.

Fighting the fear and doing it anyway.

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