Reframing Success


June 5, 2023

Athletes experience change on a grand scale, especially when faced with retirement. Lindsey Vonn is one athlete who has been public about her struggle with stepping away from her skiing career and focusing on rebranding herself.  Below are some ways she has addressed her retirement challenges:  

1. Embracing New Opportunities: Lindsay has engaged in philanthropic endeavors, including her Lindsey Vonn Foundation, which aims to empower young girls and provide them with educational and athletic opportunities. Channeling her energy and passion into new ventures, helps her find purpose beyond her athletic career.  

2. Redefining Success: She has worked on redefining what success means to her. Instead of solely focusing on external achievements and accolades, she has shifted her focus toward personal growth, happiness, and overall well-being.  

3. Embracing Self-Care: She has emphasized the importance of self-care, including maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing pain and injuries, and prioritizing her overall health. As we all know, keeping our mental and physical energy up is the key to success.   

4. Reinvention: Vonn has worked as a television commentator, providing expert analysis and insights during skiing events. She’s also ventured into entrepreneurship, launching her own line of skiwear and other business endeavors. Giving her a new avenue to share her love of skiing in a different way.
5. Sharing Her Journey:  By sharing her journey, she has connected with her fans and inspired others going through similar transitions. She has used her platform to advocate for mental health, self-acceptance, and finding purpose beyond sports.  

6. Seeking Support: Like many athletes, she has sought support from her family, friends, and professional networks who have provided her with guidance, encouragement, and a sense of community during her transition.  

Lindsey Vonn sets an example of how reframing our idea of success and setting new goals can help us embrace new opportunities and thrive in whatever next adventure we embark upon.  

A true example of how to face change with courage, purpose and grace.  

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