How to raise your energetic vibration


June 17, 2023

This topic may seem a bit out there for some of you but I think it’s so important to understand when you start to set intention and create change in your life. It’s called the law of vibration.

The law of vibration is a metaphysical concept that everything in the universe is in a constant state of motion. That all matter, energy, and even our thoughts and emotions are vibrating at various frequencies.

With that said, the energy we put out into the world has a frequency and is contributing to this energy that is all around us.

This simple concept is fascinating to me because it explains so much about how we operate in the world and the force that surrounds everything we do.

Our thoughts and emotions also carry their own vibrational frequencies. Positive thoughts and emotions such as love, joy, and gratitude vibrate at higher frequencies, while negative thoughts and emotions such as fear, anger, and sadness vibrate at lower frequencies.

This is super important to recognize as we start to become more conscious about what we’re putting out there on a daily basis. The key is to keep your energy levels high and by consistently maintaining positive thoughts and feelings.

Most of us are familiar with the law of attraction and the concept that like attracts like. This means that the vibrations we put out there attract similar vibrations and experiences into our lives. Positive vibrations attract positive experiences, while negative vibrations attract negative ones. See how that works?

The energyyou embody on a day to day basis can either attract or repel what you want when you are operating at a low vibration. This is when manifesting – or creating or calling something to come forward in your life can become difficult.

For a person who is highly self-critical and untrusting of others – inviting in positive outcomes will be far more difficult because the energy of what they desire is not in sync with the energy they are internalizing and/or projecting out into the world.

So thoughts like – “I am not worthy” or “I don’t really deserve this” are NOT going to call in success and abundance – the universe will give back what It receives.

Now the good news in all of this is – becoming aware of your vibrational state allows you to consciously influence the experiences and circumstances you attract. Yes, it is actually in your control!

Once again, by raising your frequency through positive thoughts, emotions, and actions that resonate with abundance rather than scarcity, you can attract more positive outcomes.

So to put this into practice, here are a few suggestions to help you consciously raise your frequency:

MEDITATION: I realize – Not everyone is a fan but taking a few moments even before you go to sleep at night to reflect upon the day and sit in stillness can have a profound effect on how you approach your waking hours.

Dedicating time to calm your central nervous system especially after a busy day helps you regroup and consciously reframe your thoughts and feelings even around the tough situations in a more positive way.

GRATITUDE: This is to simply reflect on your life and say thank you. I recommend you do this many times a day. Whenever it comes to mind. This puts you in a state of openness and receiving and your vibration immediately raises as a result.

AFFIRMATIONS: These are just positive and inspirational statements or declarations that set your mind at ease and encourage you to move forward in a positive way. I post mine on my bathroom mirror so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

VISUALIZATION: Many of you are familiar with the vision board but you can also visualize your future and what you want at any given moment. This just puts that positive energy that is open to creating out into the universe.

SELF CARE AND CONNECTION: This kind of obvious, but can be as simple as engaging in activities that bring you joy, surrounding yourself with positive influences, and taking care of your physical and mental well-being. All ways to increase the energy within you to raise your frequency.

Vibrations can change and shift over time. But by actively working on your daily thoughts, emotions, and beliefs and consciously going high (even in those moments when it is so tempting to say “f- it” and go low,) you have the power to literally attract success over failure and shift the direction of your life.

It is simply making the effort to shift the way you think so you can start operating on a higher frequency. By doing this –  you allow the universe to align with you and bring forth more abundance in return. Once you make this shift, your power to create what we want will become absolutely unstoppable.

The most powerful gift you have is your right to choose. No-one can take that away from you. So choose your actions and thoughts wisely and make sure you’re putting out into the world what you wish to receive back…

and then sit back and let the magic happen.

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